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Uplighting is the art of painting with light to transform boring, unsophisticated spaces into a place where your guests truly feel that they are part of something special.

Uplighting brings your event to life. Successful events require planners and hosts to entertain all of the senses, sight is the most important of all of these senses when it comes to events. Uplighting is by far the most cost effective event enhancement in a party planners arsenal.

Anyone can place lights in a room, we have the experience and range of lighting to bring that room to life. The secret lies in the type of lighting, placement, and color choice to bring your event to life in living color.


Lights are chosen & placed on the ground facing the wall or element of the room that should be highlighted. Many variables go into this including the wall color, height of the ceilings, spread of the beam and the overall lighting effect as it relates to the other lights in the room. Depending on the effect whether you want a focused beam of light, a diffuse spread of color, "a touch of blue" or lighting entire walls, our lighting experts will work with you to pick the appropriate lights for the job.


Most clients want to add color to their room, or recreate an effect they've seen in a magazine but aren't sure where to start or how to go about it. We'll provide you with pictures of uplighting possibilities and put together a package to meet your design and budget needs.

We use LED lighting almost exclusively for events we provide uplighting. These are the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting options because there are no bulbs to burn out or replace. Also lights draw very little energy & lighting does not emit heat or get hot (critical in smaller rooms and spaces and for the safety of your guests. Virtually unlimited colors to choose from!










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