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Photo Booth Rentals

Ovation offers the best Photo Booth in the business.

  • Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Prints, Unlimited Copies

  • High-Resolution DVD with all your print images, included in all packages.

  • The Best Camera, powered by a real DSLR. Accept no substitutions.

  • Highest Quality Prints, Dye-Sublimation. Very fast, instantly dry.

  • Custom branding on all prints.  Names, dates, anything you imagine.

  • Professional staff to assist you and your guests using the booth.

  • Online Gallery for you & your guests.

  • Wacky props box available at no charge.

  • Your choice of regular or jumbo size prints.





Open Photo Booth: The booth will consist of a freestanding background with a bench provided for the guests.  This configuration allows you to have lots of people in the picture at once.  Typically 8-10 people can cram into the picture.  This type requires 10’x10’ of floor space to set up properly.  Great fun for groups, but does not provide the intimacy of the Enclosed type.


Enclosed Photo Booth: The booth will be entirely enclosed, so you and your guests have total privacy while taking your photos.  This configuration is much more intimate, but cannot accommodate large groups.  A bench is provided.  Typically, two people fit comfortably, with an absolute maximum of four people in the picture.  This type requires less floor space, only 5’x8’.


Selfie Photobooth: The SELFIE BOOTH is the photo booth for uber millennials, eco-conservatives & the social savvy. The SELFIE BOOTH is a 100% social media photo booth that DOES NOT print. All photos taken at the booth are shared directly to social media. Your guests walk up to the SELFIE BOOTH, take a photo and then share. Sharing options include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and text message The SELFIE BOOTH is a self service option. If you rent the SELFIE BOOTH, we deliver the unit to your event location and set things up. From there, your guests use the booth themselves. The SELFIE BOOTH is extremely easy to use and you're grandma won't have any problems using it. If she does, any three year old will be able to show her how. At the end of your event, we will come pickup the SELFIE BOOTH. All the photos at the event will be posted online and you will also get an email copy of all the photos from the event.



Open Photo Booth Pricing

  • Three Hour Unlimited Service:  $775

  • Four Hour Unlimited Service:  $850

  • Five Hour Unlimited Service:  $925


Enclosed Photo Booth Pricing

  • Three Hour Unlimited Service:  $925

  • Four Hour Unlimited Service:  $1,000

  • Five Hour Unlimited Service:  $1,075


Selfie Booth Pricing

  • Three Hour Unlimited

       Service: $550

  • Four Hour Unlimited

       Service: $620

  • Five Hour Unlimited

       Service: $700


We will set the booth up in advance, and remove the booth afterward.  Our services refer to the actual Operating Hours.

Optional Additions:


  • Custom scrapbook (10 Page, $65) or (20 Page, $95). Guests build your memories through the night. Supplies, metallic markers, & embellishments are all included.

  • Acrylic frames for photo strips ($175 / 100 frames)

  • Paper Window Folios ($50 / 100 Folios)

  • Bookmark Photo Strip Sleeves ($100 / 100 sleeves)

  • Photo Keychains ($175 / 100 keychains)

  • Extra Hours: Operating Hours ($150) or Idle Hours ($45).  Idle Hours are for "downtime" during the event, early arrival, or late departure.

  • Live Projection:We can show your photos live as they happen.  We will provide an LCD projector and screen (if preferred).

  • Favorite Football Team Props Box. Premium Backdrops (Open Booth), $50.  See below for selections. Football Props Box ($75). Perfect for football super-fans! Rental includes tons of officially licensed gear to use in your photos. Hats, toys, foam fingers, and even the giant Tackling Buddy lineman.

  • Your choice of regular Strip Prints (2x6) or our exclusive Jumbo Strip Prints (3x9, $50).  See comparison below.


Open Photo Booth

  • Allows lots of people to be in the picture at once

  • More social atmosphere for your guests

  • Your choice of background provided

  • Needs 10’x10’ of floor space

(strip samples above are from an Open Photo Booth)

Open Booth Backdrop Choices

Textured Blue (Free)Textured Gray (Free)Briar Patch ($50)Rustcrunch ($50)


Background samples are approximate. Actual appearance will vary based on ambient lighting.


Enclosed Photo Booth

  • Provides intimacy and privacy for your guests

  • Can seat two to three people

  • Your choice of background provided

  • Needs only 5’x8’ of floor space


Our Prints

Our prints are the best in the business... And for good reason.  We run the best printers, and the best media.  We were one of the very first photo booths to incorporate high speed dye-sub printers.  Our prints are instantly dry, laminated, and look just like what you would receive from any photo lab.

We were also the first in the business to offer the exclusive Jumbo print size.

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